-Saturday July 9th 2016-


I spend majority of my life worrying about being on time, thinking about where I need to be and when. Tonight was different. My normal hectic life took a back seat. Tonight I decided I needed a break. Go out (alone) and meet some friends. Granted, I knew one of the guys running the venue but for once I decided to throw myself out there. Experience life around me. The thought of this would scare many. I oddly found it comforting, almost liberating shoving myself into the unknown. I’m in a new city full of Amazing potential, why not?

•I survived•

The dark lighted streets, the random night walkers cruising by. I could’ve easily taken a cab. I decided that I would walk the 58 minutes it took to get back to my apartment. I almost always drive these streets, never really paying attention to what’s around me. It was 20 degrees, the sky’s didn’t threaten rain for the first time in days. I needed the greenery, the scenic route no matter how long it took for me to get home. Granted, I’m a single female, wearing shorts & a leather jacket. I was a prime target for anyone dishonest. I knew the area however, I knew it was worth the risk. I’m going to say that walk home change my view. I guess you could say “I stopped to smell the roses” I took in everything around me at ungodly hours of the night without a care in the world. There was no one I needed to get home to. I just took in the sights and sounds of the streets of Vancouver. I believe I fed my soul tonight.

– Star Gazer Crooks

Missing you.

•emotional thoughts•

I know he’s doing what he needs to do right now and I’m doing me. It’s just weird that maybe, I just need to set my best friend free.
-Simply Crooks.