•truths prevail•

“One day you’ll realize you are boundless…that heart of yours so big and open carries you always..not even the harsh reality of the eagerness of time can keep you from soaring to a height where only love can survive and I can only pray that my fragile wings can let me follow…even if just to a place where I can witness the beauty that you didn’t learn to fly but rather decided to live.”

You may be too good for me & I’m okay with it.

•let’s call him Lee•

We’ve all been there. We have all met that one person, okay maybe two, or three people who we’ve felt we needed to impress. I mean this is common in life to admire and look up to others. I’m speaking specifically from a relationship point of view. Meeting that one guy who seems like a unicorn. Great taste in music, style, has a great job and seems to have life figured it out. Granted, usually what I call the “magic phase” does seem to fade and you start to realize they aren’t all that and a bag of chips. Mmmm…. chips. I’ll admit, I’ve changed for guys in my past. I’ve gained interests I never thought I would care for, bought different clothes and listened to different music just to have things in common with him. I learnt the hard way you can’t keep up an image that isn’t true to yourself for very long. Enter in – the guy too good for you. This isn’t a “poor me” post, this is more of a “ah ha!” Realization post. There is always going to be that unicorn that doesn’t quite fit into your life. Lee would be my unicorn. He has it all going on. Our lives don’t match remotely but I can admire him from afar. He’s got that cool style, sweet smile and edgy look that any girl would be crazy not to adore. I know what you’re thinking “go for it – what do you have to loose?!” It comes down to the simple fact that he’s just too good. I almost don’t want to break the magical phase and realize the cold hard truth he isn’t who he looks to be. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and admire the view. I’d consider Lee a friend now, I would still say he’s nothing short of a unicorn but growing up I’ve learnt who I am and what I’m looking for. I’m okay with not being good enough, I’ll never beat myself up about it. I’m proud to be who I am and know what I want. Lee isn’t it, but got damn he sure is magical.

– admiring from afar; Crooks.

Come find me.

“In the middle of no where you will find the perfect place to grab a coffee.In the middle of no where you will fall in love with a stranger.

In the middle of no where something will happen to you to bring you laughter for a long time.

In the middle of no where you will make a life changing decision.

In the middle of no where you will stay up all night thinking about what just happened. 

In the middle of no where you will find yourself.

In the middle of no where there is a somewhere

In the middle of no where you will stay awhile.

Something will happen to you soon. Your moment is just around the corner…..

In the middle of no where.”

– R.M Drake