Do you ever just need to escape? Run away for a little while. Things aren’t bad but you just need that fresh air in a strange place. Somewhere the air is clearer and nobody knows your name. Somewhere you can be free. I’m craving that lifestyle. I just want to jump in the car, no plan ahead of me and just go. Having no idea where the road will take me. I want to get lost in the mountains, smell the pine air, jump in the nearest body of water I can find. Be wild, wild and free. I want bonfires at night, early morning sunrises. Hair in a messy bun, hoodie on and no where to be. Disconnected from everything that isn’t immediately infront of me. I just want to run.

Mental health awareness 

•decluttering your mind•

Recently I did a fun little mental health awareness project with lululemon. I’m extremely uncomfortable infront of a camera, but voluntareability is something I’m working on so I thought I would post my little blurb here. Remember: I’m here for you always, if you need someone to talk to; I’m here.


“I maybe don’t have the most conventional way of decluttering my mind. I turn to books. Weird right?! Since I was a kid I’ve always obsessed over the scene in Beauty and the Beast when the Beast shows Belle his library. Something about a library brings peace of mind to me. Something about that scene still lights me up. Typically if my mind is scrambled and I have a million things to do, no matter how important it is I’ll take off to the local book store. You’ll often find me crammed in a corner with stacks and stacks of books reading about anything from well being – poetry. There is just something about disconnecting from the world, hiding in a little book fort and escaping reality for a few hours. I typically turn off my cell phone, buy the person behind me a drink at Starbucks (still need that good karma!) and then take off to the cosiest corner in the store I can find. After a few hours my mind is always clear, I’m calm and I am able to sort out what’s most important to me and get it done. It’s like a “refresh” button on my hectic life which adds clarity and calmness. Removing myself from the clutter and focusing on something completely irrelevant to what’s going on in my life always seems to do the trick. Sometimes all you need is a moment to breathe.” #mentalheatlhawareness 

– decluttering Crooks.

Cool tattoos, bro.


It’s no secret I have tattoos. I wouldn’t say I’m covered but I have more than the average person. I guess that puts me in a “category”. Something I hate. Especially when it comes to dating. I always seem to have guys whom are either scared to approach me because I’m inked or don’t think they can approach me because they don’t have ink. I would say majority of guys I’ve dated MAYBE have one tattoo, if that. It’s extremely rare that I find a super tattooed guy attractive. Why may you ask? Not all tattoos are created equal. Yes I know there’s more to a person than their tattoos but I still need to look at them. If you have this weird shitty devil that’s blown and faded I’m going to cringe. I cringe even more when you show it off. Let’s call a spade a spade and just tell people it’s shitty. I’m an ink snob, I’ll be the first to admit it. I pride myself on knowing some really great artists whom I’ve received quality pieces from. Do my tattoos have flaws?! Of course they do. I’ll be the first to show them to you. No shame. However, I’m totally getting off track. There seems to be this idea in the world that people with tattoos should only be with another tattooed person. I view tattoos as art, a self expression. I don’t expect everyone to feel the same. I often get the commentary “I wanted to say hi but you’re tattooed and I’m not so I knew I didn’t stand a chance.” Wait, what?! Since when did people with tattoos get labelled such snobs?! I think I missed the memo where I’m suddenly stuck up because I sat in a chair for multiple hours on end. I’m no different than that girl with no tattoos. We all eat, breathe & talk the same. We’re humans. Stop being shy, approach that tattooed girl. Let her know you want to talk. Tattoos or not I think you’ll be surprised at the reaction you’ll get. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, which I happen to firmly believe.

– that girl in the corner, Crooks.

Dogs & dating.


Dogs. They’re great. I have two. They are quite literally my world. Nothing and nobody will ever come between my dogs and I. Including men. I sound crazy, I understand. Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to date when you own a dog? Never mind two. First off, you have to find what seems like a very small amount of dudes left that aren’t allergic to dogs. Then they actually have to like dogs. Yes I know, who doesn’t like dogs?! I’ve quite literally had a guy awkwardly sit there while my dogs attack him with kisses and their cute little annoying approach to new people. Most people think dating with a dog would be easy. You walk the dog, you pick up that cute guy at the park, you talk about dogs and then you walk away hand in hand and hand in leash. The end. Well friends, I’m here to tell you they are “barking”*** up the wrong tree. That guy you met at the park?! Doesn’t realize you have to pick up poop multiple times on the way home, or that you need to be home every few hours to let the dogs out. You can’t sleep at his place because you have a dependant at home waiting for you. Never mind when the dog picks up that dead bird it found on the street and you’re chasing your dog like a mad women to make sure they don’t swallow it. No? That hasn’t happened to anyone else?! Bummer. I could imagine this would be much like a child however a child needs a lot more attention (or so I’m told that’s how it goes) speaking as a mother of two fur babies I can say that dating while owning two dogs and no real “dog supporter” to “lend” them to for a night is tough. Finding that fur baby step dad whom understands how much work a dog (x2) really is. The girls are a lot of work but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For now, I firmly believe my “dating” if we even want to call it that; is in the past. Right now it is just me and my two girls. A whole lotta fur & cookies. I couldn’t be happier.

– Scoopin’ poop Crooks

**** this joke gets lamer every time I go to edit this post. However, dad jokes rule.