And then you came along.


I recently went through a roller coaster ride. Metaphorically of course. I felt like life was against me. I was fighting bills, friends and really just life in general. I knew it would pass. Cliche as it is I mumbled “this too shall pass” while fighting through the current days annoyance. I was ready to pack it in and head home. Maybe my light at the end of the tunnel was in Ontario. I kept fighting the feeling that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Somehow I just knew I would find a reason to stay and fight through. 

And then you came along. You’ll probably never know this but I was at the end of my rope. Preparing to tell my family I was moving back, getting my last joys out of the West Coast before I gave into what everyone else does. The easy. The run back home, save money and just deal with unhappiness. It took one last minute brunch idea to change everything. Now, I can’t say you solved all my problems but you did make a decision easier for me. I needed that glimpse of hope to know I had a purpose for sticking around. It sounds like a lot of pressure, it’s not. You just came into my life when things were really south. You make it easy for me to stay home and just enjoy the little things in life. It felt good to smile again. Not to say my friends aren’t fantastic, I had more support than I thought I truly would ever have. You just brought a calm in me I hadn’t seen in myself in a long time. A reality check. Something in ever thought I would feel again after my marriage. Spending time with you is easy. On the crappiest days it takes a simple basic message from you to turn it around. It’s foreign to me. Being genuinely happy and putting my trust in someone is a rareity. I chose to take the chance and leap. I don’t regret it. Whatever this is, whatever it’s meant to be couldn’t of come at a better time. You make me happy, really happy. I’m not sure you’ll ever understand how much I appreciate the things you’ve done for me wether you realize it or not. Even the smallest things don’t go unnoticed. I don’t care to sound cliche, clingy or needy but I appreciate you and I’m excited to see where this will go. You bring me genuine happiness and excitement that I didn’t think I would ever feel again. All because you came along unexpectedly and I couldn’t be more thankful. 

– caught the feels Crooks.

One Reply to “And then you came along.”

  1. This is all so close to home, I’m exactly in your shoes waiting to find happiness and you have given me some more hope and patience to continue my adventures on the west coast, after a week back home in Ontario seeing many familiar faces and things, I realize I made the right decision at the right time, and know now I just need to make the best of it.. hope you two are happy, too bad we didn’t match 😉 but I’m glad you are happy and I always enjoy your photos and cute pups!


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