Ready, set, go.


It’s that time of year again. The resolutions. All those things I’m going to do. No excuses.

Syke, not this time. This year I’m making a list of things I won’t be doing.

– No more bread, it makes me feel terrible, even though a lot of the food with bread is my favourite.

– No more binge watching, only limited tv. I’ve gotten into this poor trend of curling up on the couch and watching the day waste away.

– 10k in steps, minimum. Get my butt moving. No more half ass, I don’t want to go outside because of the rain bullshit.

– No more junk. Be more body conscious, I need to learn what I’m sticking in my body. Focus on what my body needs compared to what I want…. Okay maybe a salt and vinegar chip here and there. They are my favvvvve.

– No more take out. Correction: no more buying half premade food and actually cook, in-fact; I’m going to cook everything I can.. and then some.

– Blog (at least) once a week.

– Take my vitamins. (I can basically hear my mom saying “I told you so” already.)

– No more material goods. This will be an extremely hard for me. I want to make paycheques to make memories with friends and family. Not own the newest coolest item on the market. Things last temporarily, memories last forever. (cheesy, just accept it.)


These are just a few. I’m sure I’ll continue to add to it as I go along. However this feels like a great start. I may be late in the game for starting but I’m ready to live my best life, instead of just coasting through. Happy 2018 blog fam! Here’s to bettering yourself, pushing yourself and crushing new adventures.


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