Wanna date?…. Nahhhhh.

•Dating myself•

I’ve always been extremely independent. Since I was a kid I would always do things for myself instead of relying on others. It’s often been a constant problem when I’m in a relationship. Most men want their girl to NEED them. When I found my ex husband I thought I hit the jackpot. He continuously supported me in being independent & doing my own thing. This was one of the greatest aspects of our relationship. Obviously, him now being my ex, things didn’t quite work out. I feel like one of the greatest things I’ve learnt from my marriage was to love myself first. To find a guy who I WANT & not one I NEED. A huge part of this is me taking the time to love myself again, do anything & everything I want. I can quite honestly say I have no time for a relationship. Sure, I’ve dipped into the Tinder pool, met some cool new people & had some fun. For once though, I’m being greedy & keeping all of my time & energy to myself. It’s time to date myself, treat myself & grow as a person. If I meet someone along the way? Awesome. I’m looking for a companion, someone to explore life with. Someone who equally wants to grow and improve themselves. I’m perfectly happy building my own empire, soaking myself in culture, enriching my soul in memories & becoming increasingly even more independent. I’ve got the right to be picky on whom I call “boyfriend”, I could care less to waste someone else’s time. If they just simply aren’t the right fit, I don’t care to force it. Obviously I’m human & hate the idea of being alone, but I rather be alone than with the wrong person. Life is too damn short. So I guess, for now, I’ll be making lots of friends, learning about people’s lives & day dreamin about the perfect man for me. Until then blog, wanna date?

– Single Crooks.